Frequently Asked Questions
We’ve collected some of the most popular questions asked by clients as a resource for you. Feel free to contact us directly at if you have any additional questions that aren’t covered here.
How do I get in touch with my VA?
We communicate via phone, email, and Skype. We will go with whichever channel you prefer to use.
Where will my VA be located?
All of our VA's are based in the Philippines and you'll work with an assistant in the timezone of your preference.
Does my VA speak English?
Yes. All of our Virtual Assistants are fluent in English.
Will my VA be working on the weekend?
Our Virtual Assistants work on standard business hours, from Monday through Friday and are not required or expected to work on weekends.

You can submit your tasks anytime, day or night, weekday or weekend. If submitted before/after business hours, your VA will receive the task(s) the following business day to begin working on them.
Can my VA do design for me?
Yes! All our Virtual Assistants are experts in graphics designing and web designing.
I just signed up! What can I expect next?
Welcome aboard! We will start matching you with the VA for you using the information you shared during the signup process about your working style and personal preferences.

After we’ve determined who would be the best fit for your needs—we’ll send an email connecting the two of you!

We aim to introduce you to your VA within one business days of signing up.
Can I assign a company email address to my staff?
Yes, of course! Your staff can easily communicate on your behalf and as an integral part of your team.
How do you ensure quality control?
We conduct a rigorous interview process and take great care only to on-board professionals with the required professional skills and background to provide outstanding services. We never outsource to third-party providers in order to control quality. The staff you are assigned are the ones who do the work!
Do you provide back up when my staff member is away?
Yes! Even the best people get sick from time to time, take a vacation, or need to take time off for personal reasons. Virtual Task Experts won’t leave you stranded. All of our team can train a backup so that they can step in to cover them when the need arises.
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